How To Fix The Lines On Laptop Screen

How To Fix The Lines On Laptop Screen

Every laptop user hates seeing strange lines on their screen. These lines, whether they go up and down or side to side, can mess up your work and fun. In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix these lines on laptop screen so you can see clearly again quickly.


Understanding the Problem: Why Do Lines Appear on Laptop Screens?

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand why these lines appear in the first place.

  • Because of a defective display panel
  • The computer and display connection are faulty
  • Hardware failure
  • Outdated operating system
  • Problem with the graphics card
  • If lines with different colors and changes when you add pressure, then the LCD issue.

Before you actually take any measures to fix the vertical lines on your laptop’s screen, though, you will need to determine whether the issue is software-related or hardware-related. Luckily for any and all laptop users seeing vertical lines on their laptop’s screen, this is pretty easy. All you need to do is restart your laptop and, at the very first screen that you see, press the specific key that gets you into your computer’s BIOS settings. This key depends on your laptop’s manufacturer and can be found not only in your laptop’s user manual but also on the first screen you see when your computer boots up.

Since your laptop’s BIOS is technically not a part of its Operating System, if the problem is software-related, you will not see any vertical lines on your laptop’s screen while you are in the BIOS. However, if you do see vertical lines on your laptop’s screen while you are in its BIOS, the problem is hardware-related.


Quick Fixes for Lines on Laptop Screen

  1. Restart Your Laptop: Sometimes, the simplest solution for lines on laptop screen is the most effective. Before delving into technical fixes, give your laptop a quick restart to see if that clears the lines.
  2. Check the Display Cables: A cable that’s not plugged in right can be the problem. Make sure all cables, especially the one to the laptop screen, are plugged in tight.
  3. Update Your Graphics Driver: Try updating the Graphics Drivers of your laptop. It could be a reason that your machine’s graphics drivers have become outdated and are causing compatibility issues with the display of your screen.
  4. Perform BIOS Reset: Perform a BIOS reset. By doing so, your machine’s BIOS settings will be set to default, and the working of all its parts will become normal. If the change in any setting has caused these vertical lines on your laptop screen, then this issue will be resolved in no time.


Delving Deeper: Advanced Solutions

  1. Test with an External Monitor: Connect your laptop to an external monitor. If the lines persist on the new screen, it may indicate a graphics card issue. If not, the problem might be with your laptop’s display.
  2. Adjust the Screen Resolution: Sometimes, the preset screen resolution might not be optimal. Navigate to your display settings and try different resolutions to see if one eliminates the lines.
  3. Run a Hardware Diagnostic: Many laptops come with built-in diagnostic tools. Run a test to check if any hardware components are malfunctioning and causing lines on your laptop screen.
  4. Check Warranty: If your laptop is new, check your manufacturer’s warranty for information about the return or replacement policy. An entire line of stuck pixels, especially on a new laptop, usually points to a manufacturing defect. Many laptop brands offer a repair or replacement policy for screens with at least five dead or stuck pixels. When in doubt, contact your manufacturer and ask.


What If the Lines Persist?

If you’ve tried all the above steps and the lines on your laptop screen are still there, it’s probably time to get some help from professional laptop repair service in Singapore. Remember, while many of these fixes are DIY-friendly, there’s no shame in seeking expert assistance when needed.

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