What Can I Do With Old Broken Laptops

What Can I Do With Old Broken Laptops

So, you’ve dug out that old laptop from the back of your closet, and to no surprise, it’s not exactly in tip-top shape. Before you think about tossing it into the trash, consider this: even in its seemingly lifeless state, that laptop still holds some potential. Let’s delve into the world of upcycling and repurposing to breathe new life into that old broken laptop!

Save Working Parts from Old Broken Laptop

Before you throw away your old broken laptop, check if some parts still work. Things like the hard drive, RAM, or battery might be useful. You can sell them, use them differently, or put them in other devices.


External Hard Drive Enclosure

Turning a broken computer’s functional hard drive into an external hard drive may be a good option.

Even if your laptop is done for, your hard drive might not be. You can convert it into an external hard drive with the help of an enclosure. This way, you not only retrieve your files but also get an additional storage device in the process!



DIY Digital Picture Frame from Old Laptop

With a bit of tweaking, the display of your old laptop can be transformed into a digital picture frame. You can showcase your favorite memories, all while being eco-friendly and resourceful.


Educational Projects

For the tech-savvy, old laptops are a treasure trove. They can be dissected for educational purposes, helping beginners understand the inner workings of computers. Schools or DIY clubs might appreciate such donations.

Most high school computer science classes also want to be able to use an older-generation computer. That way, they can freely poke around without worrying that they will break it. Students who want to learn how to repair computers might practice on an old computer. They may harvest parts out of it to add to their custom-built computers.


Turn It Into A Keyboard

The keyboard portion can be reused as an external USB keyboard with some modifications. This not only gives a nostalgic touch to your workspace but also serves as a functional tool.


Donate Old Laptop to Tech Charities

Several organizations specialize in refurbishing old tech and redistributing it to those in need. Your old laptop, even if it’s not working, could be a treasure for someone else with a bit of fixing up.


Crafty Creations

Get artsy with your laptop parts! Create jewelry from keys, wall art from motherboards, or even a futuristic sculpture. Let your imagination run wild.


E-Waste Recycling

If your old laptop is beyond salvage and you’ve exhausted all other options, ensure it’s disposed of responsibly. Look for e-waste recycling centers in your locality. They will ensure that toxic components are handled correctly and don’t harm the environment.


In Conclusion

Old broken laptops aren’t just trash. With some creativity, a bit of tech knowledge, and a care for the environment, you can give them a new purpose or get rid of them the right way. So, when you find an old laptop, remember: it can still have uses and surprises!



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