Save Battery Life on Any Windows 10 Laptop

Save Battery Life on Any Windows 10 Laptop

Best 3 Ways to Save Battery Life on Any Windows 10 Laptop

Are you struggling with a rapidly depleting battery on your Windows 10 laptop? Don’t fret! In today’s digital age, having a device that lasts throughout the day is crucial. Thus, we’ve compiled the top 3 ways to “Save Battery Life” on your Windows 10 laptop, ensuring you can work, play, and browse without the dreaded low battery notification. Let’s dive right in.


1. Optimize Your Power Settings to Save Battery Life

Firstly, Windows 10 comes with multiple power plans tailored to different needs. To start off, navigate to the Control Panel, then Power Options. Here, you’ll find plans like ‘Balanced’ and ‘Power saver.’ By default, many laptops operate on the ‘Balanced’ mode, which may not be the most efficient for battery conservation. Hence, switching to ‘Power saver’ can dramatically extend your laptop’s battery lifespan.

On Windows laptops and other PCs, you can set how quickly the display and the whole computer go to “sleep” (a kind of stand-by mode) when you take a break from working on the computer. For instance, you can set the display to go to sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity. If you don’t type anything and don’t move the mouse pointer for three minutes, the display will be turned off. The same can be applied to the whole PC, which will enter the sleep mode after the inactivity period you selected in Windows power settings. In sleep mode, the laptop’s display is turned off, while the main internal components “sleep”, with a very low power consumption involved.

2. Limit Background Processes to Save Battery Life

Moreover, numerous apps and programs run in the background, eating away at your battery. Consequently, it’s essential to keep tabs on these silent power drainers. To do this, go to Settings, then Privacy, followed by Background apps. From there, you can decide which apps you want to run in the background. By disabling non-essential apps, you’ll undoubtedly “Save Battery Life” and boost your laptop’s performance simultaneously.

3. Adjust Your Display Settings

Another pivotal factor in saving battery life is your display settings. Brightness, for instance, plays a significant role. While it might be tempting to work with maximum brightness, toning it down can make a remarkable difference. Furthermore, consider reducing the screen timeout settings. This ensures that your laptop screen turns off quicker when not in use, preserving that precious battery life.

You can greatly improve battery life if you lower the screen brightness of your notebook’s LCD screen. On a laptop, we tested (a 17.3” HP ProBook G5 with the Intel i5-8250U CPU), lowering display brightness from 100% to %50 improved the battery life by nearly 90%. The battery life almost doubled, while the display was still usable at 50% brightness in a normally lit office.


In Conclusion

There are numerous ways to ensure your Windows 10 laptop’s battery remains robust throughout the day. From tweaking power settings to managing background apps and adjusting display settings, these strategies are not only effective but also easy to implement. After all, a laptop is only as good as its battery.

So, take these steps today, and enjoy a longer, more efficient battery life tomorrow. And remember, as technology evolves, always keep an eye out for new methods to “Save Battery Life” and enhance your device’s performance.


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