Repair Laptop Keyboard Keys Not Working

Repair Laptop Keyboard Keys Not Working

Repair Laptop Keyboard: Fix Those Stubborn Keys

We’ve all had that moment when a key suddenly doesn’t work while typing. It’s annoying, right? Whether a key gets stuck or the keyboard starts typing by itself, it’s a hassle. The good news? You can usually repair laptop keyboard issues at home. Let’s get into it.


Understanding the Problem

Before jumping into the solutions, it’s crucial to identify the root cause. A laptop keyboard malfunction could be due to hardware issues, software glitches, or sometimes even external factors like dust and debris.


Common Solutions to Repair Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions

There are several reasons you may be having trouble with your keyboard, from hardware failure to software issues. But most of the time, you can narrow it down to a few common laptop repair problems, including:

Check for External Issues

Start by turning off your laptop and gently shaking it upside down. This can dislodge any dirt or crumbs causing a key to stick.

Update Your Drivers

Sometimes, the issue is software-related. Ensure you have the latest drivers installed for your keyboard. Navigate to the device manager on your laptop, find the keyboard section, right-click, and select ‘update driver’.

External Keyboard Test

Plug in a different keyboard. If it works fine, then you might need to repair the laptop keyboard inside. This way, you can figure out where the problem is.


How to fix your laptop keyboard

If your laptop keyboard stops working, you’ll want to find out why. First, figure out if the problem is with the parts you can touch or something inside the computer.

To check for physical issues, look at the keyboard. Is it dirty? Are any keys sticky or hard to push? Is the T key wobbly? If you see these signs, here’s how to repair laptop keyboard problems:

Check for Dirt

Remove any buildup or dirt on your keyboard with a can of compressed air and a soft cloth. You can also gently shake your laptop upside down to get rid of dust. But make sure to unplug and turn off your laptop before doing so.

Remove the Battery

If you can remove your laptop battery, do it and use the charger instead. Sometimes, the battery, being under the keys, can cause keyboard problems, especially if it gets too hot. This might help repair laptop keyboard issues.

Reconnect the Motherboard

If your keyboard has lost connection with your laptop’s motherboard or has been damaged, this is a complicated problem. We recommend you take your laptop to an expert for a quick repair rather than fixing it yourself, like LetUsRepair.


How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Auto Typing

Auto typing can be particularly bothersome, especially when you’re in the middle of important work.

First, let’s talk about cleaning. If your keys feel sticky, maybe something spilled on them. Turn off your laptop and, if you can, take out the battery. Then, use a slightly wet cloth with a bit of soap to gently clean those keys.

Next, if your keyboard types on its own, your settings might be off. So, go to your laptop’s control panel, find the keyboard settings, and set them back to the usual settings.


Addressing HP Laptop Keyboard Issues

For HP laptop owners, here’s what you can try to repair laptop keyboard:

First, give your laptop a hard reset. To do this, turn it off and unplug everything. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. After that, plug everything back in, switch it on, and see if the keyboard works better.

Next, HP has a handy tool already in the laptop. This tool checks the laptop and finds any problems, including with the keyboard. Try using it to find and fix any issues.



In today’s world, if your laptop keyboard stops working, it can really slow you down. But, with some helpful tips, you can fix it fast. No matter if it’s a simple problem or something specific like an issue with an HP laptop, the steps mentioned earlier can help get your keyboard back to working just right.

If fixing it yourself doesn’t solve the problem, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional or consider a replacement. Happy typing!


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