How To Avoid Physical Damage to Computers

How To Avoid Physical Damage to Computers

In today’s digital age, our computers play an integral role in our daily lives. So, you want to keep it in great shape. Here are five tips to reduce the risk of physical damage to computers, saving you from unnecessary repair bills. Let’s jump right into it.


1. Use Protective Cases and Covers to Avoid Computers Physical Damage 

Firstly, investing in a good quality protective case or cover is crucial, especially for laptops. These cases act as a shield, absorbing shock and preventing direct harm. If you’re on the move often, this becomes even more important.


2. Keep Your Computer Elevated

Surprisingly, many incidents of physical damage to computers occur from spills. So, it’s wise to keep your computer elevated on a dedicated desk or stand. Not only does this prevent accidental spills, but it also ensures better ventilation.


3. Avoid Eating and Drinking Nearby

Speaking of spills, it’s always a good idea to avoid eating or drinking near your computer. A simple tip, yet countless computers have met their end due to a coffee mishap or soda spill.

What should you do?

Don’t have drinks or foods close to your computer. If you ever have to (for drinks), use a cup with a cover on it.


4. Regular Cleaning

Dust and dirt can accumulate, leading to overheating, which in turn can cause internal and external damage. Therefore, take time to clean your computer’s exterior and its vents. For desktops, consider opening them up occasionally to dust off the internals using compressed air.

No matter how busy you get, take time to clean your computer to prevent the accumulation of dust.


5. Use Surge Protectors to Avoid Computers Physical Damage

Power surges can be devastating. To avoid this, always connect your computer to a quality surge protector. This simple device can be the barrier between your computer and a damaging power spike.


6. Handle with Care

This might sound like common sense, but always handle your computer with the utmost care. Avoid dragging, dropping, or subjecting it to rough treatment. If you’re transporting it, pack it securely and avoid stacking heavy items on top.


7. Ensure Proper Ventilation to Avoid Computers Physical Damage

Overheating can lead to severe damage. Ensure your computer is in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. For laptops, avoid using them on soft surfaces like beds or couches, which can block vents.


8. Invest in Cable Management

Loose cables can be tripping hazards. Not only can someone get hurt, but they can also bring your computer crashing down. Invest in simple cable management solutions to keep things tidy and secure.



In conclusion, avoiding physical damage to computers is often about taking preventive measures. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can ensure the longevity of your device and keep it away from the repair service. Always remember, treating your computer with care and foresight can save you both stress and money in the long run.


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