Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

The Power of Innovation

If we talk about top-tier laptops, the Apple MacBook is a true standout. With its stylish look and high-speed processors, this device sets the standard. However, like all high-tech machines, it needs expert care to stay at peak performance. That’s where Letusrepair steps in, your reliable partner for all your MacBook needs.


More Than a Laptop

Choosing a MacBook is about embracing top quality and performance. These devices have powerful components, ample storage, and eye-catching Retina displays. To maintain this top-notch performance, your device requires professional upkeep. With prices starting from just $50, Letusrepair offers an affordable solution to keep your device in perfect condition.


Good Looks, Great Performance

The MacBook isn’t just about speed—it’s a work of art. With its slim profile and captivating screen, it’s a sight to behold. Recognizing the importance of aesthetics, Letusrepair offers maintenance and customization services from just $75. This way, you can keep your device looking as good as new.


Unleash Your Creativity

With its stunning display and high-quality sound system, creative tasks like design and music editing on the MacBook become enjoyable. However, to maintain this high-quality experience, regular check-ups are crucial. Letusrepair offers full system checks from $80, ensuring your device continues to inspire your creativity.


Stay Connected

In our interconnected world, the connectivity of your MacBook is key. Equipped with Thunderbolt ports and fast Wi-Fi, it ensures seamless data sharing and internet usage. Letusrepair offers services starting from just $60 to keep these vital components in optimal condition.


Wrapping Up: Trust in Letusrepair

In conclusion, owning a MacBook offers excellent performance, good looks, and an immersive user experience. By choosing Letusrepair for your maintenance needs, your MacBook will always be ready for your next project. With our competitive prices and skilled technicians, we ensure your MacBook always performs at its best. Choose Letusrepair for your MacBook needs and experience the difference.


  • Imah: how much does it cost to change macbook pro screen? one is 2017 another one is 2021

    • 11:02 pm
    • 26-11-2023
    • Imah
  • Kavi: Hi,Do you have MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 model. If yes what is the fee

    • 12:50 pm
    • 26-11-2023
    • Kavi
  • Thenuka Kavindu: How much for battery replacement ? (Mac book air i5 2017)

    • 9:11 pm
    • 20-10-2023
    • Thenuka Kavindu
  • Ameer: Do you have motherboard for macbook A2141?

    • 5:08 am
    • 29-09-2023
    • Ameer
  • Letusrepair Technician: Hi Julien! For a detailed diagnosis and pricing, please contact us directly on WhatsApp +65 8876 0575. This will allow us to assist you more promptly and efficiently!

    • 11:19 am
    • 17-09-2023
    • Letusrepair Technician
  • julien: Hello, can you let me know the price to change the screen on a MacBook PRO 2017 13" ? thank you

    • 9:52 am
    • 17-09-2023
    • julien
  • Iffah: How much cost for repair MacBook pro m2, 13 inch? The screen is cracked.

    • 2:01 pm
    • 15-09-2023
    • Iffah
  • Letusrepair Technician: Hi Adrian! For a detailed diagnosis and pricing, please contact us directly on WhatsApp +65 8876 0575. This will allow us to assist you more promptly and efficiently!

    • 3:25 pm
    • 13-09-2023
    • Letusrepair Technician
  • adrian: Hi have macbook pro A2338, problem unable to boot up. How much for the repair?

    • 2:41 pm
    • 13-09-2023
    • adrian
  • Alfie: i had a macbook pro 2020 13inch the motherboard faulty is it can be repair ? And how much the cost?

    • 9:53 am
    • 12-09-2023
    • Alfie
  • Ken: Replacement for M1 Macbook Air screen

    • 8:49 am
    • 04-09-2023
    • Ken
  • Ong: A1534 screen replacement, please quote

    • 6:43 pm
    • 29-08-2023
    • Ong
  • Azli: i need to replace my macbook battery

    • 5:07 pm
    • 29-08-2023
    • Azli
  • Erika Sison: Need replacement or repair of Mac M1 Pro Screen ASAP. May I ask for a quote thanks.

    • 10:28 pm
    • 29-07-2023
    • Erika Sison
  • gracia: Request quote for replacement of A2159 Macbook Pro motherboard.

    • 12:45 am
    • 17-07-2023
    • gracia
  • YAU: Request for quote for replacement of Apple Macbook air (M1) 2020 screen

    • 7:22 pm
    • 11-07-2023
    • YAU
  • Simon: MacBook 12” 2017 model. Replace LCD screen. how much and how fast can replace?

    • 10:10 am
    • 09-07-2023
    • Simon
  • maheswaran: i need a screen replacement got small scratches

    • 9:01 pm
    • 26-06-2023
    • maheswaran
  • Emerald Gabriel: screen spoilt

    • 8:03 am
    • 15-06-2023
    • Emerald Gabriel
  • Demaras middleton: Need a battery, cannot unplug my computer otherwise it dies in about 5 mins. Also how can i increase the memory Version 10.14.6 13", Early 2015 Memory 8GB Serial No C1MTP02FH3QF

    • 1:35 pm
    • 12-06-2023
    • Demaras middleton

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