3 Reasons Why Your Computer Is Slow And How To Speed It Up

3 Reasons Why Your Computer Is Slow And How To Speed It Up

Is your computer slow or freezes regularly? We at Letusrepair know how frustrating that can be. However, you’re not alone. Slow performance is a widespread issue experienced by both Windows and Apple computer users, especially after a considerable period of use. Here are three significant reasons why your computer is slow and some tips to speed it up.


1. Too Many Background Apps

Installed programs that run in the background can significantly slow down your OS over time. These unnecessary apps consume valuable RAM space and CPU processing power, causing your computer to run slower than usual. For a quick fix, close all unnecessary program windows. To thoroughly resolve this, check the Task Manager under “Apps” and “Background processes” and stop any unused apps. Refreshing your computer by resetting and reinstalling Windows or uninstalling unused programs via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program can also help.


2. Worn Out or Faulty Hardware

After significant usage, certain components of your computer might start to fail due to physical damage or natural wear and tear. One of the most common culprits is hard drive failure, which can significantly slow down your computer. The OS boots and operates out of the hard drive, so any damage can cause slow read and write times. Replacing or upgrading the worn-out parts can effectively speed up your computer. At Letusrepair, we provide top-notch repair services to fix such hardware issues.


3. Virus Infection

Virus infections not only steal data and corrupt files but also run as background processes, further slowing down your computer. These malicious software can be hard to detect as they may not show up on Task Manager. If you encounter random pop-up ads, unauthorized changes to your browser homepage, or random webpage redirects, your computer might be infected. Awareness is your best antivirus; understanding how viruses get into your computer can help prevent infections.

In conclusion, if your “computer is slow,” the cause could be one or a combination of the above factors. With a few checks and maintenance routines, you can optimize your computer speed. However, if you need professional assistance, Letusrepair is always ready to help.


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